Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Deal in NYC

Besides getting my teeth cleaned for free (well I mean I pay for dental insurance but there is no co-pay) I think I found the best NYC bargain…. Free (ish) haircuts!!! The hair modeling thing was fantastic, I couldn’t have been any happier with my sweet timid Japanese hair apprentice. I’m not sure if she understood what I was saying – there was a lot of head bowing and ‘yess-ing’ – but we had the same hair so I was pretty sure she wasn’t gonna hack me down to a crew cut. It did take a LONG time (over 2 hours) cause she and two other apprentices were being evaluated by the MASTER . It was very entertaining, sitting there between the other two models, one was a young teacher (ughhhh) with a hideous head of mousy frizzy hair, the other was the most beautiful being I have seen in years. She was so beautiful I was transfixed by her face – it was like I was trying to decided what about her was MOST beautiful – her perfect nose, her skin, her doe eyes – I was stupefied. Unfortunately she caught my scrutinizing gaze in the mirror and shot me a look of total disgust combined with a tad bit of terror. In short the girl looked like a 20 year old Bridget Bardot mixed with a bit of Barbarella Jane Fonda.

The frizzy mouse transformed into a curly bob that looked terrific – total makeover. I never did see the completion of Briget Fonda’s doo because the Master fell in love with her 10 minutes into the ‘lesson’ and never took his hands out of her glorious main of honey colored locks- they were still there when I left at 10pm.

Only about a day left in my temping career – fingers crossed. There is a very entertaining meeting currently happening next to me regarding guns in the work place at their other corporate location – FYI people in the south apparently LOVE guns. I would love to expand more on this thread because the conversation is HYSTERICAL – but I do kinda work here. The best part though was at the beginning of the ‘report’ when one of the NY executives was all, “Wow you guys talk about guns like how WE talk about pizza”.

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Susan said...

Being from the South, I will second our people's love of guns. Word.