Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What are the odds?

Still temping at the place where I basically do nothing – yet on the rare occasion that I am asked to perform whatever slight menial task - I quickly realize that I am terribly ill equipped to fulfill anybody’s request.

This receptionist has really set herself up for job security. I was given 1 page of “instructions” however she left out all the important information… ah tricky! I have login information but no passwords, I have names of executive assistants who no longer work for the company, I have a large ring of keys yet none of them fit the lock on the desk drawer….. she is sooooo crafty! My favorite trick of hers was to email like 20 staff members on Friday notifying them that she was holding a package/ envelope/ check/ for them at reception and that they should pick it up this week. It’s kinda nice because I am getting lots of face time with the full time employees however I DON”T KNOW WHERE THEIR STUFF IS!!! Yep I got plenty of nothing. However on the upside because all these people are coming to reception I have been able to unload lots of mail that was never distributed yesterday (see blog below).

I’m onto my second cup of their chocolate nut coffee but I am trying to steer clear of the bathroom (see blog below – again). However this combo of extreme coffee ingestion and bathroom avoidance is not a really great plan– I may need to rethink my afternoon goal.

Mail mystery continues…. A dude just came by looking for a “big check” that should have been delivered 10 days ago. I tried to explain the mail process – but he was a bit confused – obviously he is not an office administrator professional. He wandered back to the unmarked mailboxes and found his long lost check – thank goodness. I took the opportunity to hand him the other 3 checks that were delivered yesterday – but he said, “Oh no these go to our accounts payable department”. I was all “I know but nobody has been able to tell me who/ where they are.” He looked at me and said, “Yeah…. Umm…. I’ll find out who they are and give you a call.”

In closing I would like to know – In an office of 150 employees what are the odds that 44 people all have a Birthday in September? While I was pouring my second cup of joe in their kitchen I happened upon their “Happy September Birthday” list taped to the upper cabinet. There are FORTY FOUR people on the list FORTY FOUR!!!! Maybe there will be cake?

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