Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A scraped knee and a shattered cell phone

Had my first non teaching interview yesterday with TDF (Theater Development Fund) and even though they can’t afford me – They Liked Me – They REALLY Liked me! I had forgotten that I actually have marketable skills and that my past 15 years of professional employment is rather impressive. And I had forgotten what it was like to have a perspective employer actually engage me in conversation, respect me and my time, and have (an appearance) of genuine curiosity about what I have to offer. I really needed this boost to my ego since my recent melt down. I have some other balls in the air so turning down TDF (and another 2 jobs this afternoon) is not the end of the line.

Proof that the Education system is screwed up:

  • Only 3 graduates from my cohort have full time teaching jobs in NYC public schools.
  • A handful of graduates who have secured Teaching Assistant jobs (with a 2 year commitment) are working at a rate of $11.50 an hour with no benefits or Union.
  • One graduate who could only secure a substitute position on L.I. was told by her superintendent that he had 5,000 applicants for 2 available jobs and 90% of those applicants had 2 Masters.
In regards to the title of this posting…. After leaving my TDF interview on a HIGH I stepped into a pothole on 7th Ave (directly across from that GIANT button and needle). I went crashing down onto my left knee – no doubt because I’m off kilter on the left side because I still have an egg sized lump on my knee from falling off the school bus this past winter while on a field trip to the Queens Theater. So as not to kill my other front tooth (even though my Dentist did advise that I whack the other root so at least BOTH of my front teeth would match – gray) I threw my $500+ coach bag away from me and came crashing down onto my left palm. Unfortunately my crappy ass phone when flying from my bag then shattered into 3 pieces – making a lovely twinkling sound as it landed in the crosswalk. Amazingly I didn’t trash my white trousers – but I did loose my left shoe momentarily. I was like an urban Cinderella.

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