Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change is a comin’ (I hope)

Last Wed. I had 2 interviews with staffing agencies that hopefully will yield some fruit. The first interview was conducted by posh sorority sisters who oddly took a shine to me. My usual demographic of FOGs (fans of Gail) consists of Gays and Married men, but somehow I was able to cross over into UES skinny blond chick realm to win over these recruiters – must have been my black patent leather pumps with matching bag. The second interview was headed by a complete tool. A ‘dude’ of at least 40 sporting an un- tucked short sleeved button down shirt and pooka beads. After briefly glancing at my resume Tooly informed me that perspective employers will look poorly on me because I left my last job to earn my Masters – he was just “keeping it real”.

I have gotten a few calls from “the girls” – looks like they are shopping out my resume for full time gigs. Additionally I have an interview on Monday with another agency – fingers crossed I will be employed….soon.

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