Monday, September 22, 2008

What was up with the Emmy’s?

Seriously these people get paid? Did you see the opening .. it was like watching public masturbation!!! It kind of reminded me of a HS skit performed by the drama club dorks who sat around in their bedroom brainstorming, “No like we should just go out there and just be all – we didn’t plan anything… hahahah that would be soooo funny, no like really ironic and funny. Yeah…. That would totally blow their MINDS!!! Oh dude then we should like pull off a chick’s clothes…. LOL WTF (and any other txt like abbreviations)” – However it was neither funny nor ironic, it was just sophomoric and painful. And then to strip of Klum’s clothes – WTF? I wonder if there were ANY women on the writing staff? I know it isn’t high art – and it’s only TV – but really… really?

Talking about dorky kids and high art- I did catch one of the last performances of “Title of Show” yesterday. The place was overrun with fanatical Long Island/ Jersey HS-ers in LOVE with everything, and everyone. Oh those poor tragic HS kids – I mean I was a MESS when I was 15 but not a hot box of crazy. I didn’t think TOS would have such a YOUNG following…. It’s a bit bizarre. Basically the show is about hitting your head against the wall for YEARS working your ass off for what you love – so how can these kids see themselves in the characters? Whatever – if their ticket dollars keep the show running through Xmas I know at least one TOSer who would be VERY happy. Anyways the show was still great even after moving to the big time – BUT it did lose some heart. I felt that the pacing was a bit too fast for some of the intimate moments and stuff that was heart wrenching at the Vineyard was lost in the grandness of the B’way house.

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