Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jesus Christ….. Word 2003!!!???

As I sit here at my current temp gig in midtown I am typing this posting in Word 2003. The jesus loving full time employee that I am temping for (her computer password is HeisFaithfulPraiseHim#1) has been utilizing office 97 since .. well I guess since 97. I couldn’t take it anymore so I updated her system with office 2003 applications (easy as a push of a button). I am sure there will be a HUGE learning curve upon her return from Deuchland – but from the looks of it she has PLENTY of time here at reception to investigate all the fancy new ‘right click’ options… oooo thesaurus. If only I could get a trackball mouse and find where they keep ANY office supplies I could rule this place!

I had 2 requests today from partners that I couldn’t fulfill, one wanted an envelope the other wanted to know where the fax machine was located – both of these tasks were outside of my skill set – sorry. The peeps are sorry to see me go – probably cause I don’t bless them as they enter and leave the office (Good Night – God Bless You!). I asked one partner if I could stay. I told him that I noticed that the table lamp in front of me in the lobby/ lounge has been broken the entire time I have been here and if he kept me I could do some electrical work and even re-wire the lamp. Not sure if I scared him or charmed him…. Oh just like all the men I meet.

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