Monday, September 22, 2008

I swear I am not a mess!

It’s like the less I do while temping the more idiotic I am:

I began the day by aggressively tearing the privacy screen off the computer monitor thereby rendering it – useless. I was attempting to rid the screen of years of DNA samples that had been applied to both sides. It is currently propped up behind an acrylic ruler and a wooden “Hebra” ( half zebra - half hippo).

By midday I was harassing employees in the woman’s room. I mistakenly choose the stall with the broken lock and while pushing open the door – accidentally pinned a rather small (half naked) Asian lady between the stall door and the wall – whoops – sorry.

I attempted to distribute the mail but was stymied by the lack of names on the mailboxes. After inquiring about the mail distribution to several employees nobody could give me a clue about how they received mail. Oh well it is currently still sitting behind me in the mail bin.

After leaving the office for my 15 min. lunch break I was locked out. I forgot to bring the magnetic key thingy, and it is MY job to buzz people in. After I rang the bell twice (and was ignored by the entire staff of 150 people) I decided to chill out in the elevator bank and eat my subway sandwich until somebody either came out – or went it.

When the phone finally rang for the first time at 4pm – I had totally forgotten the name of the company and sat there dead on the line until the caller shouted “HELLO!!!!???” I giggled and was all – “Oh right… hello”. Now I have the company's name written on a Post-it - stuck to the phone receiver. Just in case the phone rings again over the next 4 days.

Highlight of the day – I discovered the Sinkers flavored coffee in their lounge!! I haven’t yet dared to try it, but I did partake in the Chocolate Nut coffee syrup.

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