Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last day of fancy

Friday – another day of work for Galleta and another day for me to be a lady of leisure. Room service arrived with our breakfast which I ate while Galleta entertained me with his signature dance moves (must ask him about the “salt and pepper”). All too soon Galleta had to leave for work, “Have a good day at work honey!” I called after him at the door (trying that sentence on for fit). Then I plopped back into bed and contemplated the remainder of my day. A few hours later I was up, checked out of the hotel, and off to explore the shopping on Walnut St. I walked down to Tiffany’s cause I needed (wanted) to get Galleta something to thank him for my amazing mini vacay and also cause the night before he had been so generous with a gift - I am not allowed to mention. I picked out the perfect the gift then went onto Kiehl’s and bought him some men’s travel supplies. I know I am broke and unemployed…. Fiddle de deee… sometimes I am so Scarlet.

We met up for lunch at
Alma de Cuba then through the driving rain I went off to the Philadelphia Museum of Art – you know the building in ROCKY where he runs up the steps. The collection was beautiful and the place was EMPTY! It was a fantastic afternoon and I found myself being especially sappy and almost moved to tears by some of the paintings.

I was back at the hotel bar at 4pm where I sat and sipped white wine while I waited for my man to return from a very boring day at the office. Galleta joined me at about 5pm and over cocktails we bemoaned our fate – me having to travel to NYC then directly to the Hamptons, he debating which clubs to reserve table service at during his several thousand dollar weekend trip to Vegas. Galleta mentioned that if anybody in the vicinity overheard us they would think we were two huge ass holes.

Back into a cab and off to the train station. We waited together for a few minutes then said our goodbyes as I had to ride with chicken in crates while Galleta was fed pealed grapes by super models on the Acela.

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