Friday, December 6, 2013


Last week I attended my 25th High School reunion where I was filled with the love of old friends and the joyful exuberance of meeting new ones. Back in 1988 I would have never guessed that in my middle age I would share a space with the majority of my fellow Big Mac Grads laughing, drinking, and innocently flirting while shaking my bon bon like a rock star on the dance floor. High School was difficult, no it was more than difficult, it was horrific.

Crap that out – let’s get back to the reunion where all was a shake down boogie good time jam.

Q was my date as per always, my old buddies from the way back hood (Elementary School) were in full loud mouth kick ass party mode and then there were the alum that were unknown to me but somehow it all worked, the party rocked. The vibe in the bar overflowed with joyous frivolity, even the guests of guests who didn’t know anybody were killing it. I can’t remember ever attending a party with such a diverse group of people who all mixed so well. Yes a few of my bullies were there, those mean girls (and at least one guy) who beat, harassed and humiliated me daily for years but it didn’t matter cause ya know why, cause I’m A FUCKIN’ WINNER! This isn’t 1988, I’m brilliant, I’m a hot piece of 43 year old ass and I can drop it like it’s hot so yeah…. it’s all good in the hood.

Since Saturday my facebook friend list has expanded exponentially, I have a lady date with a fellow sassy city chic and I’ve entered a burgeoning titillating flirtation with an alum who failed to express interest until Sunday evening when he was snug home alone – Ughhhh seriously! However he is single, employed and (I assume) has a home SO that’s a bunch of concurrent attributes that have been lacking in my past perspective dates…. to be continued.

The take away - When you get invited to your reunion, go. Go and live your adult life like the superstar that you’ve become, grab asses, be the first one on the dance floor and try NOT to confess to your married 7th grade crush that he/she was your 7th grade crush cause THAT conversation gets really uncomfortable surprisingly (really – a surprise?) quickly, or so I would assume. That thing about grabbing asses though, maybe you should refrain from that, I mean who the hell are YOU walking around a reunion physically accosting people, that’s just creepy… don’t do that.