Monday, September 15, 2008

Crystal ball?

The interview process went well today – 4 out of 5 agents LOVED me! But of course I obsessed over the 1 who was under whelmed until Scooter shook me up over pizza and brought me back to reality. He always knows what to say and when to say it – unless he doesn’t then I have to tell him “It’s not the time for that now”.

I have already gotten a call from one of the new recruiters – he’s tossing my hat into the ring for a gig and just a second ago another agency called to set up an interview tomorrow. The wheels keep turning – but my bank account keeps dwindling – WTF!!?? I just wish I could look into the future to see what my life will be….. sigh…..

I tell you what is great for unemployment ennui – it’s a trip to customer service at Tiffany’s. That little minx Audrey Hepburn was right – you just can’t be gloomy there. I dropped more cash that I don’t have but living within my means is oh so boring – right? People keep telling me that I’ll have a job soon…. Should I NOT believe them?

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