Monday, October 6, 2008

Road Trip!

I was very lucky to be a guest at one of the most charming weddings I have ever attended. Masters and her Fiancé hosted a lovely event filled with humor, heart, and mashed potatoes. Galleta was my arm candy and he was the best wedding date EVER!!

Our Sat. began early with Galleta picking me up in his fancy new red truck (he had to leave the pearly white Escalade at Home- I understood) and after a quick pit stop at Starbucks we were off on our road trip- zooming towards Syracuse, NY. The drive was beautiful and reminded me of my years at New Paltz. The trees were at their peak as we cruised through the Poconos. The hills always look to me like soft undulating muti-colored quilts and I found myself zoning out as I gazed out the car window trying to remember every hue. My bucolic daydreaming was short lived though because of Galleta’s most entertaining story telling abilities. Obviously some things that happen in Vegas…. get reiterated during a 4 hour drive to Western NY.

We rolled up to the Marriott at about 2pm and once in the room we quickly realized this was NO Sofitel – I’m such a princess. The room was clean though and we both stretched out on our beds while I distributed the yummy snacks that were in our welcome gift bag. A few hours later Galleta was all spiffy in his gray suite (and sporting my Thank You gift – see blogs below) and after a small wardrobe malfunction on my part I was dolled up and ready to blow this Mo Fo UP! We walked over to the event site, took a seat at the bar and began our celbration.

Once inside we met up with LJ and her date, taking our seats behind them. The ceremony was oh so sweet and of course I cried. Galleta sensing my vulnerability during once specific part of the ceremony quietly moved closer and gave me the shoulder I needed. A quick cocktail party filled with tons of cheese and poorly made drinks made way for the reception. Our table partners were enjoyable, the buffet was tasty, and after Galleta had a few strong words with the bartender and tossed him $20 my G&T’s took a turn for the better.

We danced to everything (mostly), Galleta even got the DJ to drop MY track (Rob Base – Holla!). The wedding reception ended rather quickly and abruptly at 11pm as the music came to a screeching halt and the lights flashed on. “You don’t gotta go home but you can’t stay here”. While we walked back to the Marriott with LJ, Galleta and I were already planning our post- party.

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