Monday, October 13, 2008

Me Gusta

Weddingfest 2008 has come to a conclusion. After two weekends in a row full of nuptials I am finally home surrounded by dirty laundry, a half unpacked suitcase, and numerous pairs of dressy shoes and evening bags strewn throughout my one bedroom apartment.

Galleta and I attended a wedding in Charlotte, NC and returned without our record or our reputation in jeopardy….

however my “cool” status was gently marred by a comment made by the bride regarding my past love of the folk trio Peter , Paul and Mary….. is nothing sacred? Galleta once again proved to be the BEST wedding date ever. He has totally spoiled me – I don’t think I will ever go to a formal event without him on my arm.

There’s not much to tell so here is a short snapshot of some of the weekend’s highlights:

o Talking and laughing on a plane that is stuck on the tarmac for over an hour REALLY pisses off old men passengers.

o At the car rental counter don’t tell 2 New Yorkers that you gave THEIR convertible Mustang away because it is “race weekend”.

o Germans love talking about (and showing) their boobs.

o Galleta and I really ARE kinda a big deal.

o It’s dumfounding, but in NC cheeseburgers look like hot dogs.

o The phrase “Oh hot damn…. This is my jam” can be used to describe almost anything.

o Pretty girls in Charlotte have NO problem throwing shoulders and elbows on the dance floor just to get closer to a cute boy who knows how to shake his bon bon (ouch!)

o Our commode at the Marriot just might have been a porthole to an alternative universe.

o Talk of Jesus gets Galleta HOT… while it does just the opposite for me……hmmmmm

o Not all German music is danceable.

o When engaged in a pillow fight always adjust your balance to take into consideration velocity of mass. Otherwise prepare to be uncontrollably catapulted off your bed while slamming your face into the edge of your competitor’s mattress then finally collapsing into a ball between the two beds with your feet bent up to the nape of your head.

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