Monday, October 6, 2008

A Post Party to Remember

After the wedding Galleta stayed in his suit (Big Baller) and I changed into something a little less dressy. We picked up directions from the front desk then headed out to downtown Syracuse for some local flava. I decided to drive so Galleta could continue his Vegas lifestyle (you can’t just stop NON – stop drinking – you could hurt yourself) and within 15 min we were in the thick of it. We parked the truck in a lot then walked over to Ambrosia. It’s embarrassing recording the name of the ‘club’ in print here because the place was a steaming hot pot of MESS!!!! The place was teaming with guys and the girls looked like they just got off their closing shift at the local Strawberry and Mandee shops. I didn’t know girls still dressed like they did in 1992 – it’s like time stood still in Western NY. Galleta and I made the best of it though and he made the best of the $5 drinks. We danced when I was not distracted by the state of humanity and the encroaching realization that these college kids were the future of our country – and I even got a free shot from a poorly groomed guy at the end of the bar. Hmmmm that shot will come back to haunt me….

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