Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chiropractic? It should be called Chiro-CRACK-tic!

I’ve started a new relationship and like most that I jump into, I am totally and utterly addicted… like crack. I have been baptized in the waters of Chiropractic care and I am a worthy and obedient convert. My relationship (or “Marriage”… Dr. ‘s words) with Dr. Pico is a direct consequence of my lower back injury which occurred on that fateful morning at the NC Marriott after regrettably engaging in an ill fated pillow fight. DR. P is warm, charming, and oh so powerful…. oh and married. Oh well I can still totally crush on my Dr…. right? Lord knows I get no testosterone time at Hydra. Also having such a swell time with Dr. P sort of deadens the pain that is felt in my wallet… yep my new habit is costing me $55 per week! I’ve already cut off my cable to save some bucks but like all things there is no action without a reaction… in this case the reaction is that I no longer have a TV remote! I fatefully discovered rather quickly (after returning my cable system) that after years of cable and satellite service I have somehow misplaced my TV zapper. I have been spending many hours now being bombarded by commercial TV … commercials and I’ve come to the conclusion that the lack of jingles really makes for blahhhhh merchandising. OH totally off track (but strangely in my mind these two topics are totally connected) but seriously people…. who has NEVER heard of Colorforms??? I was shocked and amazed that the youngsters who surround me have never even HEARD of the vinyl phenomenons!

In a past post I sang the praises of my free-ish haircut however now after several weeks out I’m realizing that it wasn’t as good as previously reviewed. Now that I spend hours on end sitting at my desk reflecting on all things banal I have also taken up the hobby of inspecting the ends of my hair. After a full three days of inspection I have discovered a multitude of split ends ….. yes I am very thorough.. kinda like a monkey. So looks like I’m gonna have to treat myself to a real cut from my Sephardic scissor wielding stylist.

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