Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We’re On A Break

Sorry slaw fans but I’ve checked myself out of the loop to enjoy a bit of Spring Break therefore you will have to go without a full blog for another week. But don’t fret dear ones cause hilarity will ensue again, for NEXT MONDAY I begin a whole new adventure as Upper East Side Personal Assistant (UESPS)!!

Here is a tid bit of an update to keep the momentum humming:

- My temp job did me a solid by releasing me from administrative servitude at the end of last week. My supervisor at Porn Haven acted humanly and swiftly on my behalf by replacing me with a 23 year old bight eyed temp who will gladly work for a pittance and is jazzed to be a member of the workforce. Oh and extra bonus, the temp is NOT from Hydra…. looks like someone won’t get cash from my ass this week and WON’T get a fee from my replacement either.

- By Thursday morning with the aide of sunny weather and the knowledge that my shackles of temporary employment were about to disintegrate my sullenness over Scooter abandoning me (I mean moving) melted away thereby returning the spring to my step. However the glow of contentment was short lived for that evening MAC Daddy sprang the news that he is probably moving to Salt Lake City. Really? How about people just stay put! Hey Galleta….any plans? Just asking.

- I am spending my Spring Break in the Hamptons with my septuagenarian mother however after several hours of funneling Baileys it’s been a trial to keep her from entering the local wet T shirt contests. Oh mom.

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