Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm On a Roll

So I think I may be the superstar temp at my job. There are a bunch of us here (I don’t socialize with the others) but it seems like I am the one who gets to work independently and without direct supervision (sweet). Most of my day is still filled with rather basic stuff but on the day of my winter storm phone interview I was informed that I would be heading this rather big important thing. Great like I needed MORE stress. I sit in on conference calls where I understood about 1/5 of the conversation and I attend bi-weekly strategy meeting where everybody speaks in code. I take tons of notes and I kind of understand the big picture…but that is about it. However I must be doing something right cause the big cheese tapped me to coordinate this big time project. Too bad though they are still only paying me the “stupid temp” rate of $12 an hour, ouch. If I end up staying at temp job I will have to re-negotiate cause this is crazy.

PS - Cute boy alert at work. I have a little flirt thing going on with Ee, a sweet uber tall, (did I say cute?) maybe age appropriate, and hopefully NOT gay dude. Scooter is adamant that I ask Ee out however Galleta is concerned that I have become completely and utterly boy crazy. In response to my sudden infatuation I decided to do the only right thing, and cyber stalk my new pre-crush. I checked Facebook and Myspace –nothng. Really Ee no Facebook? So I looked to Google to hook me up with at least a nugget of info and what I discovered is that 1 - Ee may be 11 years my junior (there goes age appropriate), 2- he may be a convicted criminal, and 3 – and worst of all - He may still live at home with his folks.

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