Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 to 5

I’m still on tenterhooks regarding the office manager job. I know it has only been two days and they are seeing more people but I hate the waiting. I am confident that if I don’t get the gig it was not meant to be and that is totally hunky dorey, no love lost. However if I am not going to be the best office manager on the East Side of the Garment District I need to get other stuff moving and grooving like signing up for COBRA, renegotiating my temp fee, and hitting the pavement hard for a full time job. Oh and on other non employment news I still haven’t heard anything from my two recruiters about the PA job so I am assuming it was a no go. Oh well.

Temp Gig:
It gets wackier each day. I am now thinking that this would NOT be a good place to stay. Besides the work being bizarrro the actual operations of this place are just odd – but it’s funny cause nobody seems to care. In the past week I have been very confused and disappointed by the staff kitchen. First I discovered that not only do they not supply cups (as stated in a previous blog) but there are NO supplies in the kitchen, no utensils, plates, napkins, no nothing. Well except for two full pots of coffee that sit untouched, for obvious reasons. Also I had the unfortunate experience of storing my lunch in one of the refrigerators only to discover a few hours later my sandwich and baggie of baby carrots were incased within ¾ inch of permafrost. However when visiting the freezer a few days later to procure a cube or two of ice for my homemade ice coffee I was faced with a freezer packed to the gills with 10 years worth of forgotten frozen food items yet not an cube to be found. I did of course ask a dude in the vicinity if there was any ice in the office and I was met with a head shake and a look that read, “Damn, ice? Who does this temp think she is?”

In closing I would like to add that I feel as a temp I have adopted a few practices that appear to be pervasive throughout my assignments and even though it has been several months since I performed as a temp I surprisingly picked up right where I had left off. Yep I have once again stormed into a bathroom stall with a broken lock thereby trapping a full time employee behind the swinging door with her pants around her knees. Oh and a few days later I mistakenly walked confidently straight into the men’s room and was greeted by a line of guys looking at me over their shoulders …I think you know what I mean.

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