Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First of Many

At some point I WILL stop writing about it, but for now blog fans I am totally consumed with the sadness in my heart, sorry. Today is the first day without Scooter inhabiting my time zone and even the most casual of acquaintances can ascertain by my glum countenance, I am not my usual G. We did get to spend tons of time together over the past few days, albeit packing and loading a Uhaul (that was a tad too tiny), but there was time for foolishness, falderal, the study of english vocabulary (prosy), White Castle hamburgers and a chocolate shake (yummm). Scooter promised that our friendship will never change and after a week’s worth of prodding and rehearsal he voluntarily muttered the words, “I’ll miss you when I’m gone” without a bit of irony or facetiousness (or so I convinced myself). The next few days will be a trial but I’ll bounce back, especially if I stay clear of the 167 tracks on my ipod that remind me of our past and if I take Scooter’s advise and pretend that he is merely on an extended “Bus and Truck” national tour.

My glee over the new FT job quickly dissolved into despair and defeat when my temp placement firm (HYDRA) demanded that I remain for two additional weeks in my temp position as a sign of good faith. WTF!!?? It’s a temp job. The good faith is that I have shown up here for the past month, worked the job of 10 temps, didn’t listen to my ipod, texted or hung out on Facebook like the other 20 something temps, all the while making LESS money than I would have if I went on unemployment (or the SAME amount I made during the summer of 1991 working at Adventureland). So unfortunately since I can’t get myself fired from this place (like 3 other temps did in the past week) I will not have any down time between temp and full time – it’s been 1.5 years without a vacation so it would have been nice to get a few days…ughhhh. Yes in the big picture of life this really doesn’t matter and I am soooo happy to have a FT job in this floundering economy but it would have been pleasant if my old co-workers (money grubbing drones that they are) could have acted like human beings and let me just finish out the week then have a few days to decompress before ramping up into my new FT gig. I am now regretting the dessert basket I sent them yesterday….arghhhhh.

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