Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My temp job company supplies VOD (that is industry talk for Video On Demand) and of course a large percentage of their revenue is due to the sale of soft core porn. If one was to take a casual walk through the maze of cubicles there would be a pretty good chance you’d discover a number of monitors awash with huge bouncing boobs. Well today I met the sweet young thing whose job it is to watch said video to confirm its digital transfer; yes her job is to watch porn.
We spoke briefly about how the poor economy has driven the need to upload a huge amount of new porn titles. With the sudden influx of laid off persons stuck at home with time on their hands this poor girl has been working overtime to satisfy the needs of the down trodden. Interestingly she informed me that last Spring when the federal stimulus checks began to arrive the demand for porn increased 400% - wtf? Really people? Well I guess it was apropos, I mean it was a “stimulus” check (lame….I know). She also shared with me that at a recent scheduling meeting the company announced their decision to up the ummm…’intimacy’ factor to satisfy their loyal customers’ demands and that she should not be shocked by the updated…. Umm…’story lines’.

Lastly I would like to share with you two film titles I came across this week that made me pause, Over-Sexed Rugsuckers From Mars and Blind Date: Vampire Car Wash. The second title however I believe was created by utilizing those “magnetic poetry” words. Somebody just tossed 5 nouns up onto the refrigerator door and was all, “Yep that sounds good, shoot it, print it, done.”

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