Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Keep Moving

Whenever I find myself stressing out I know I must keep moving forward otherwise the gravity of the events will undoubtedly crush me. It’s not easy nor does it come naturally but it’s a process that I must authentically engage in with positive power and enthusiasm so when I slip back (and I do) my backwards slide does not carry me too far. My momentum currently is rather strong and this frightens me. I can not be wooed by the temp job and the promise of two full time job interviews because I know nothing is certain. I am taking it all with a grain of salt with optimistic rose colored glasses securely gaff taped to my face to ward off the every gray cloud of self doubt and paralyzing pessimism.

My temp gig is not as fun as expected. I’m basically creating a master list of movies from mounds of data. The people are cool, the guys are cute, and I can see the Statue of Liberty from my desk – these are all good things. Now for the odd things:

· They do not stock ANY drinking vessels, disposable or washable. I found it impossible to utilize the water coolers or the coffee carafes. I did ask a woman in the kitchen if there were any cups in the joint and she pointed to a mug in the sink that was emblazoned with brown rings of coffee stains and pink lipstick encrusted on the rim. I declined the generous offer.

· My desk felt like the tables at Friendly’s – sticky. The whole thing was sticky. It was even sticky UNDER the keyboard. My monitor looked as if somebody smeared it with a stick of butter and my keyboard appeared to be on the loosing end of a street fight with a dustbuster. I asked around for some cleaning supplies and was greeted with questioning looks and blank stares. I think I am now “that germ freak temp".

Tomorrow I have an interview for a Personal Assistant job which I would LOVE to get. I’ve always known I would make a fantastic PA and this gig sounds like it would be perfect. In addition Scooter gave me a heads up on an Office Manager position and now that company wants to phone interview me. Oh AND I wore my newly (self) repaired boots all day and my heal remained intact!

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