Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crap heap of Crap

Things got worse at Hydra very quickly and long story short I spent my Wednesday at home today emailing my resume and making plans for my temp gig tomorrow. I am back on the skids again. No job and no health benefits (goodbye Dr. Pico). Fortunately being laid off from an employment firm does have its perks, I am now candidate numero uno and the recruiters have been rather attentive. However I am not fooling myself, I know how easy it is for them to move on and forget about me (they have a very short attention span) so I am spreading out my eggs in several baskets and I am definitely not counting my unhatched fowl.

The upside to my unemployment status is of course the abundance of bloggery that will ensue. I am scheduled to start a new temp gig tomorrow which I think will consist of watching TV and writing brief descriptions of the programming. The pay is awfully low but I’m watching TV right now on my couch while writing this and nobody is paying me anything….so I guess any increase in income no mater how nominal would surpass my current condition.

I also applied for a part time Off Broadway BlogMaster position. The job entails attending Off Broadway productions (on the company’s dime) and blogging about them. What could be better than that? Well maybe watching TV and writing blurbs…hmmm that sounds familiar.

In other updates since I was home today and feeling proactive I took Scooter’s advice and attempted to repair my broken boot heal (see past blog below). After reading my blog last week Scooter reamed me for passively acquiescing to the tragic fate of my Italian footwear by not even TRYING to practice home cobbling. He continued to express his disappointment by demanding that I not forget my expert theatrical props skills and asserted that not only did I possess the tools to fix my heal but I also had the proficiency. I will keep you updated on the outcome of my craftywork after I take my boot for a test drive down my four flights of stairs.

Lastly I should mention that being laid off on Pancake Day was truly one of the most heartless actions ever employed by an employer. Couldn’t they wait until after the holiday? Good thing I don’t have kids, they would have been devastated. I will always remember Pancake Day 2009 as the day Hydra’s NYC head was severed. HYDRA!!!! (that one is for you Scooter).

Nanner-puss loves pancakes

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