Friday, February 20, 2009


The tourniquet I tied so tightly around my gushing aorta of fiscal decline has begun to loosen thus leading me once again towards the dire straits of financial ruin. Yep Hydra has informed me that I am the next victim of the tanking economy by awarding me with a 20% reduction of salary. Gulp! I just can’t seem to catch a break…ever. I was finally making enough money to pay my bills and have some fun cash left over for – oh I don’t know- savings, and then I get clobbered with this news. Sure it is better than the alternative of being laid off (I am thanking my lucky stars for that) but damn it when will I be able to start living my life as a 38 year old and not a broke ass college kid!!??? Of course this news brings back all the emotions that I had tried to suppress from my non-teaching career move and even now typing this makes my eyes swell up. Exhale….

To counter act this mighty blow to my back account I immediately canceled my Netflix account and the auto refill on my Gold Starbucks card (that one hurts). As you all know I do not have cable so I can’t cut back there and since graduating last June I’ve been “borrowing” my internet connection from Apt.41. By the way if you are reading this Apt.41, please do not turn off your wireless router when you leave for long weekends, it really disrupts my Facebooking. I am going to turn off my BlackBerry data plan (that is worse than the Starbucks cutback) and I am committed to only eating PB&J’s for lunch. Even with all of these sacrifices I am still a LONG way away from my $1000.00 a month reduction. Sigh….

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