Friday, February 13, 2009

Flowers and Candy

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day and unlike the single female 30 somethings that are portrayed on film and TV as mean pathetic cranky bitch ass haters of all things romantic and heart shaped – I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Sure I don’t have a Valentine, but that’s Ok. In the middle of the cold gray winter I always enjoy basking in the glow of store windows festooned in pink and red sparkley things while bunches of cut flowers burst from every corner bodega and even though I am not a huge sweets fan I do not mind partaking in a festive candy heart. I even have a tattoo of a chubby cherub on my left boob – so how could I NOT be a fan!?

Not having a Valentine is less stressful than having a Valentine, sort of like NOT celebrating Xmas. I can enjoy all the fun fluffy stuff without the burden of trying to satisfy some huge commercial consumer created expectation. My Mom will get me a card and we’ll eat pink sprinkled cupcakes under the red cardboard hearts suspended from her dining room ceiling. I can always count on dear Mumsy to come through on VD, it’s a constant. In past years I collected remembrances of the day from Mac and Scooter (a Valentine’s Day card and E-card respectively) and Galleta bought me candy. Well he actually bought candy for the whole office but I like to think of it as my candy that I generously shared with the staff. Additionaly I have a vague Valentine memory of receiving a single rose sometime in the mid 90’s that had been purchased at a Suffolk County gas station while driving around aimlessly in a car full of boys (2/3 of them now gay). So you can see that I am very thankful for all of my Valentine’s Day tokens and appreciate even the smallest of gestures.

When the day comes, and it will, for a REAL Valentine to enter my life he BETTER BRING IT..and bring it HARD! Good lord I’ve been patient and really sweet about this whole thing but god help the man who doesn’t go big on my Valentine’s Day! I want all the goobery lovey gunk with flowers and odes written in my honor, jewelry, champagne, and fancy unmentionables.

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