Friday, February 20, 2009


My sudden change in financial status has weighed heavily on my mind since receiving the fateful news late Wednesday night - so much so that my mind is awash with thoughts of budgets and figures. Last night while walking home from the subway my mind was so occupied with budget cutting scenarios and alternative means of income that I did not notice the large hole in the middle of the crosswalk and advanced directly into its destructive path. My right foot was immediately swallowed by the cavernous asphalt dimple while my ankle took an awful turn to the outside. I however did not tumble but remained upright with only a lingering TWANG of a slightly sprained extremity- whew. However as I walked up Queens Boulevard I was surprised at my sudden limp for it was not on my right injured foot but on my left – odd. I continued to hobble along for another 20 feet with my left foot falling out from under me until I finally stopped to assess my condition. With a furrowed brow I raised my left foot; flexed it, twisted it, and shook it all around. All appeared well however when I replaced my foot back onto the sidewalk I was surprised at the sudden lack of..ummmm…elevation. What the? On CLOSER inspection I discovered that the pothole not only wrenched my right ankle but had also wrecked havoc on my left boot by severing the 2” heel from the sole. Arggggg. Back I clopped to the scene of the offence to retrieve my heel from the intersection. I proceeded to walk the remaining 2 blocks balanced on my left foot tippy toes as the parishioners from the Islamic Institute of NY and the International Church of Jesus Christ looked on in puzzlement.

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