Friday, February 6, 2009

I’m Feeling It

Now with this my 3rd blog of the week I think I am back on track. Sorry fans for the mid winter slack off, I don’t know what I was thinking, or not thinking of.

Hold it!
My commute was freakin poppin this morning!! There is nothing like the high of good mass transit voodoo. This morning as I approached my bus stop I could see the Q32 barreling down Roosevelt Ave. but I was tragically trapped on the opposite side of the street because of a poorly timed traffic light. Argrrrr! I was swaying on the sidewalk like a kid trying to “jump in” on a game of double dutch – attempting to gauge the speed of the two way traffic. Could I frogger it? Nope I could not and I watched dejectedly as the bus cruised past me. But fear not dear readers as the Q32 cleared the intersection it suddenly stopped. The bus driver had stopped the bus for ME and waited until I could dodge the gypsy cabs to ‘jay run’ across the middle of the block. I love you bus driver. My commute continued to grant me great joy when, at my subway transfer, my train was patiently sitting in the station awaiting my arrival. I have the touch.

Don’t believe the hype
I learned a very hard lesson this week that I really should not listen to people when they tell me that I’m funny. Forever people have been telling me to do Stand Up but I have such self doubt I could NEVER do it. I mean I can ‘hold court’ at a social gathering spitting out stories with bravado and total control but to do that in front of people who are expecting to be entertained…. Not so much. To that end this week I flew a bit too close to the sun and found that my wax wings were not able to support all the accolades I’ve been receiving as of late. While out for drinks with Scooter and his pall The Trojan our conversation turned to focus on my blog and my entertaining tendencies. Scooter proceeded to sing my praises in such an enthusiastic manner that he even convinced me that I was amazing. Of course this quickly turned into The Trojan demanding, “Ok Monkey – impress me with your so called humor. NOW!” Wow what a hot box of mess. I had nothing to say. I mean I tried but nothing came…nothing. I was the most uninteresting boring woman ever to speak. My face was hot and red, my eyes started to well up; I can’t remember a time that I felt so deflated. I swear it took all I had not to run into the bathroom and sob in the stall. WTF??!! So basically the last nail was plowed into the coffin on that little fantasy. Now I’m just gonna stick to hiding behind the heavy curtain of anonymity that my blog provides and telling stories only to my small circle of non-demanding palls….thank you.


Susan said...

Your small circle of pals still demand to be entertained. Just so you know. If we ever meet up and you have NOTHING to make me laugh. Our friendship will cease to exist.

No pressure.

Gee said...

Thanks Susan for anchoring me once again back into reality.