Monday, February 2, 2009

Blog Blahhhhs

Maybe it’s the cold or maybe it’s because there is nothing I wanna write about but I have been so lazy with the blog lately. I do think about it daily hoping that SOMETHING…ANYTHING will happen that may be at least interesting if not humorous, but I got nothing. Work is still sucking my butt, alas not in a good way, however the Argonaut (aka Guy) is dutifully fulfilling his role as official cookie supplier. In addition just the mere fact that the Argonaut and I eat lunch together more often than not has really revved up the rumor mill here – and well that ‘s kinda fun. We play it up to entertain the masses but I think the fan base is starting to wane … we really must up our game. I suggested staging a fight in the kitchen while invoking the name of his live in girlfriend but that may cast me in a ‘psycho’ light and we don’t want that.

I have re-joined for the month of February (I do this about twice a year) hoping that the $40 membership fee will either translate into one free dinner and a glass of wine or at least some comedic fodder for the blog. So far I have searched about 200 profiles of men in the greater metropolitan area between the ages of 30 and 45 to find about 7 who didn’t leave me asking, “Really?” Here are a few observations I have made during my first 18 hours of on line dating:

The phrases “Laid Back” and “Easy Going” are pervasive throughout men’s profiles yet I do not know why anybody would consider these GOOD traits. I want a guy who is actively engaged, stimulated by curiosity, present and connected. Laid Back sounds …well uninterested.

Dudes take a lot of pics of themselves with web cams shirtless.

Dudes take a lot of pics of themselves with web cams shirtless while holding dogs.

Dudes take a lot of pics of themselves with web cams shirtless while looking at the
computer screen instead of the camera lens.

Dudes take a lot of pics of themselves with camera phones while looking into a mirror shirtless.

Many men write as if they are addressing other MEN. Here are some opening lines, “Ok guys…” , “I hope you guys…”, “Forgive me guys for writing this.…” huh? Then they list all the sports teams they like and don’t like followed by all types of historic baseball and football scores and stats, blah blah blah…. I get it that guys like sports but I’m thinking that if you are trying to catch a CHICK this may NOT be the ONLY thing you chose to write about.


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