Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is not a posting

Work is a bit wacky this week so unfortunately I will not be blogging. However here is quickie update: sucks, I have already lost interest in the hunt. Well I actually lost interest last week, that didn’t take long.

Hyrda is so not fun. The drones are sucking the life force from me and my usual cheery demeanor is turning sour, very sour.

On a happy note the bell situation at Hydra has been resolved. All it took was a flathead screwdriver and a wire clipper. Yep I am now a petty vandal.

My digital convertors were delivered and installed. Now not only do I receive local major networks I also have an additional seven channels of Spanish programming and what can only be described as a 24 hour bobsledding station.

I bought a new hairbrush for $25 and yes it is magical.

I took the Hampton Jitney out to Sag Harbor last Friday and even though I’ve been Jitney-ing for 12 years I am still amazed at the lack of civility encountered along my
2.5 hour journey. Last week I sat several rows behind two overgrown 40 something frat boys (avec backwards baseball caps) along with their three blond Barbie companions. All of them obviously sloshed from pre-partying at a local watering hole and acting like a pack of 16 year olds after their first wine cooler. Here is a portion of the (one sided) conversation that was forced upon me as I tried to zen out the Tools:
Dude 1: (directed to his 3 friends) Do you have Skipper?
Them: silence
Dude 1: Do you have Skipper?
Them: silence
Dude 1: Skipper.
Dude 1: Do you like Skipper?
Dude 1: You guys have Skipper?
Dude 1: Skipper is awesome.
Dude 1: You gotta do Skipper.

(I think he meant Twitter - frekin' tool)
The stupidity continued as we traveled the length of the Midtown Tunnel:
Dude 2: (addressing Dude 1) Don’t you read anything?
Barbie 1: The only thing I have ever seen him read is a menu.

Since this anti-blog was so lame I thought you could use this picture above to imagine that your monitor is filled with water and fish. At least you'll get some use out of this not-a -posting.

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Susan said...

I'm sorry things at the Hydra suck right now, but I am glad that you keep blogging through th rough parts. That line about "Skipper" was awesome.

Starbucks soon? I know I have to cut my breaks down to about a nanosecond due to the insanity on the BroadWAY, but maybe we can at least plan a meetup soon!