Sunday, April 5, 2009

How May I Assist You?

In preparation for tomorrow’s big event I’ve stocked my closet full of demure below the knee skirts, fine knit sweaters and sensible flats. My tall black patent leather boots have been returned to the plastic storage bin under my bed and the diffuser on my hair dryer has been replaced by the straight hair attachment (big curly 80’s rocker hair is not appropriate on the UES). I guess I’m ready…right?
My emotions are overflowing. I feel anxious, excited, grateful, scared, and nervous; it’s mind boggling that I’m starting a whole new career – again. 12 months ago I was writing my thesis on the effect of arts instruction on students’ problem solving skills and now look at me; I am just hours away from becoming a personal assistant. Even though I am certain I am not in control of the current that transports me through my universe I’m delighted to be blissfully bobbing over the waves instead of drowning under their weight.

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