Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh So Good

Ya see things do work out even when you don’t have a plan. My job (week 2) is terrific. Mr. Lady constantly amazes me with his basic ‘human-ness’ and trumped himself this week when instead of fresh flowers he bought us all cupcakes…oh Mr. Lady he is adorable. Unfortunately 1/3 of the staff (the bookkeeper) is leaving next month because of family commitments and I will miss her, she is rather a riot. The bookkeeper is very active in finding her replacement and with her narrow focus on someone who is “normal” I have good hopes for the new trio. And oh won’t it be fun not to be the newbee…gulp… the new hire will be asking ME questions, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Last night Swason and I met up with Jesus to celebrate his Birthday at a gay piano bar in midtown. Jesus of course is adorable and charming as per usual and I don’t believe he was even the least bit annoyed when Swanson and I ditched the gaggle of pretty boy partiers in exchange for hijacking the very accommodating pianist in the back room. Thank goodness the piano area was a ghost town because Swason and I had the ferocity of Bukley and Lupone and we didn’t stop until the barkeep forcibly pried our kung foo grip from the mic stand and kicked our fag hag asses out onto the street at 2:30am. It still amazes me that within a few hours at a gay bar my drinks are free, every guy in a 5 person radius has introduced themselves and I leave with my pockets filled with email addresses of my brand new BFFs. How can I NOT transfer these skills into the straight world?!

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