Friday, August 17, 2012

Forward Movement

I made it through the week mostly due to the love and compassion of all the amazing friends in my life. People complain that virtual networking tools are intrusive and lead to social isolation but I certainly would have emotionally imploded if not for the power of Facebook to share my crazy with the world and in turn receive notes of encouragement and extremely helpful advice.

I special shout out to Swason who has supported the mother load of my dissolving psyche with the patience and restraint of a saint. She is Catholic so it is par for the course and she told me that while she is dealing with my mental meltdown she is earning extra bonus “good” points to make up for her transgressions. Ehhh I’ll still buy her a case of wine, as a Jew I’m not too sure about that point system.

My therapist search is still ongoing, however I feel that I am on a fast track after engaging the assistance of my most favorite REAL health professional, Dr. Pico. Yet again thanks goes to Swason who with a clearer head than mine suggested that I ask one of my current physicians for help after 11 of my calls to perspective therapists went unreturned and she was bombarded with a Gtalk window chock full of my anxiety ridden babble. I’m certain Swason is rethinking that decision years ago to teach me about IMing – it must be difficult for her to enter payroll for a Broadway company while solving my life issues, I don’t know how she does it.
I know that the chunk of crap that went down on Monday will fade over time, dissolve organically and just fly away, however it’s the other gray, the gray that’s taken up residence for the past 10 months that really must be evicted. With Dr. Pico on my side and his excellent recommendations (I called one yesterday, I am waiting for her response) I feel a huge amount of relief that I don’t have to fix everything alone, that I have people that are better equipped than I and they are happy to share the load.

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