Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cleaning House

I’m continuing to engage in the vanishing act that was imposed upon me Monday by The Invisible Man. I have dutifully deleted all contact info, removed shared folders, updated passwords and even survived the knife to the gut new millennium true final breakup move of being “unfriended” on FaceBook. But now that the virtual evidence of his existence has been erased it’s onto the more daunting task of exorcising the physical artifacts.

I would assume when most long term relationships die people get more than a 10 minute phone call to work out all the bits and pieces, both practical and impractical. There is time for emotional closure and a wrap up of unfinished business; you know - something like a relationship exit interview. However this was not the plan that The Invisible Man set forth, he instead announced frankly that we were done, just hang up the phone and return immediately to your life without hope of ever hearing from me again. It was so fast and so final, well at least for me, that I had no time to unpack the decades of ‘stuff’ from my head and my heart. I really thought that after all this time I deserved more of an ‘ending process’ in which I was an active participant not just a passive receiver of a final surprise ruling at the stroke of High Noon that left me weeping on a park bench.
Anyways now I’m left with “shared” items that have accumulated in my apartment, items that I need to discard or else suffer the ghosts that lurk behind my closet doors. As I photographed my past life and readied the images for my Ebay postings my body ricocheted through my entire inventory of emotions. 

Wow, whomever my future therapist is, she is gonna get an earful.

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