Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Breaking All the Rules

As I get older I find that I am way more susceptible to the power of others’ “suggestions”. Mostly these are all very good suggestions, take for example Jesus telling me “You need to buy a bigger bed” or Swason instructing, “You would be an idiot if you DIDN’T buy that Ralph Lauren Olympic Jacket” and then last night… let’s just say the power of suggestion really did me a solid.

Last evening I had my first of THREE blind dates scheduled for this week. I don’t think any of these gents are relationship material however I’m rather sure I am not looking for a relationship at this time SO…. It’s all good. 

Mr. Tuesday (AKA Mr. Woods) was handsome and charming, he was on time and most importantly he was not a MESS! Seriously it’s been so long since I had a date that didn’t include a drink landing in my lap, a profuse face sweater, a social misfit, etc., etc… that this guy totally blew me away. Sure he has short comings but they are minuscule when it comes to all the other plusses. CRAP he even picked up the check without flinching – very unlike the Investment Banker Brit who took me out for a $9.00 brunch then harassed the waiter when he informed Cheap-o that “Sausage is an extra $1.50.” Cheap-o actually asked the waiter how MANY sausages he would get for $1.50, since he felt this was an exorbitant price to pay for breakfast pork since in Brittan you NEVER pay extra for anything …..hmmmm that’s questionable. 

But I digress, back to last night. After hours of bar side chatting and drinking with Mr. Woods there came that moment when decisions must be made – it’s either THIS or it’s THAT. My head was so THIS, totally THIS, no doubt I am fully THIS. There were so many rational reasons why THIS was the correct choice BUT damn that power of suggestion. Somehow even Mr. Woods sensed that I could be easily swayed to THAT with just a gentle nudge, cause really who doesn’t like a little of THAT.

I ended up tossing all of THIS out the window and extending my evening way past my bed time with a whole lot of THAT going on.  And DAMN, THAT was super fun.

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