Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November is a Lovely Month

Only 5 days into the month and November is really holding its own. I have always been a big fan of November. There’s the cooler weather, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and of course it is the official opening of PIE season. Sure some people pop the pie during the summer. They’re all up in their cherry pie, blueberry pie, peach pie… but really those are but meager cousins to the king of pies….. APPLE!!! Ahh apple pie, oh and pumpkin (or as they say upstate “pun-kin”) yawl can’t forget the lovely creamy spiciness of a warm pumpkin pie.

The Election. Thank goodness the Bomma won. Cause dear lord I couldn’t stand another blow. I have just begun to pull my emotions off the doormat and have ceased crying daily over my current life’s position. If things had gone differently last evening I would have been typing this posting from under my covers weeping into my pillow while my ‘pet’ mouse mocked me from the foot of my bed.

Work - It is getting better or maybe I’m just drinking more… not too sure. I think I have numbed myself out to the Hydra even though they are like stupid crazy. I am still picking up the pieces from a year of NON-office manger – management. I won’t bore you with all the details however I still don’t understand WHY somebody would pack up used toner cartridges and place them in the server room? So what I thought was a fully stocked supply room is merely a closet full of recyclables. Well the flip side is that I made a project for myself. Oh I hope the shredding can wait… yikes time management skills!

Mouse - Scooter has promised to don his camo attire, affix his night vision goggles and once and for all eradicate my abode of all things furry. He’s been promising all week to come over…fingers crossed tomorrow night we will be a’huntin’. Mom says that maybe Scooter should tag Squeakers with his paint ball marker and that way we can monitor his movements like a Wild Kingdom episode. We could sedate him, take some samples, and then re-release the stinker into my kitchen with a radio/ video collar so I can watch his movements while at work via web cam. Sometimes Mom really has her lucid moments… this is a winner – or it could be the Demerol that she’s poppin’ cause of her ingrown toenail surgery. Either way I think the woman is a genius!

Other- Galleta left for a business trip without me and even worse he went to Chicago. He and MacDaddy will be heading out for Makers without me …. sigh. If I didn’t need to pay back a loan in a few weeks I swear I would have quit my job just to spend a few days with both my boys. Ohhh BUT Galleta already got me my B’day gift and it is rather spectacular. It’s not a ring….. yet BUT it is way more useful. I don’t wanna spill the beans here cause he gets so testy about these things – but suffice to say he is really grooming me for future trophy wife status (at least when it comes to gadgets anyways).

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