Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Poop About the 7 Train

I was stuck on the 7 train yesterday because of “signal problems” and as we plodded our way under the East River at a snail’s pace I was awarded the opportunity to share my uber packed rush hour train with Clark. Clark is three and 5 months and had an undying love for poop… or at least the word poop. For about 25 min. an entire train car was Clark’s captive audience as he proceeded to conjugate the verb “poop”, pooping, pooped, poopie, etc…. the charm of his little squeaky voiced waned suddenly as our train came to an unexpected halt mid tunnel and Clark’s vocal volume increased severely. Poor Momma Clark tried to entertain the Pooper but she quickly realized that if her son didn’t cut the shit he was gonna be the target of mass mob hysteria. She tried to ‘connect’ to the crowd, flashing us small smiles, raising her eyebrows, shrugging her shoulders.… but really nobody had much love for her. In the end Momma Clark did the right thing – astonishing. As we eased our way into the first stop in Queens – a stop that after 11 years riding the train I have NEVER once seen anybody utilize – Momma clamped down on Clark’s hand and dragged him off the train explaining to him, “When you can calm down we will get back on a train!”. Wholly CRAP, she did it… she actually took the kid off the train… Momma Clark I applaud you wherever you are.

I’m not telling anybody anything new, but getting and keeping a job in NYC is insane! So many peeps are being laid off and my office lobby looks like an over packed ER waiting room but with really pretty people in business suits…. oh and no blood. My mood regarding my present employment has really changed… it’s not that bad all of a sudden. I love shredding documents and wiping down counters. I look forward to Xerox paper jams and on Monday I was overjoyed to walk the used toner cartridges 10 blocks to the recycling center! I guess there’s nothing like other people’s misfortune to refocus one’s outlook.

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