Monday, November 24, 2008

Monkeys and Cookies

My actual Birthday was last Saturday however I always feel that a birthday should be celebrated over several weeks, like a seasonal occasion. Especially since the Birthday falls so close (or sometimes on) Thanksgiving. That being said the festivities began Friday night with drinks and dinner at Nolita House. Unfortunately many of the celebrants were not in attendance because of illness or very fancy work commitments that could not be rescheduled. The peeps who did attend the celebration however really bumped it up and were fantastic revelers and bearers of very thoughtful, personal gifts. Some of the highlights of the evening included (but were not limited to) elbow length patent leather gloves, a HUGE chocolate chip cookie, a card festooned with monkeys, and mac & cheese spring rolls. I repeat MAC & CHEESE spring rolls…whomever the chef is at the Nolita house is a freekin’ culinary master.

After dinner Galleta, Scooter, Jesus, and I braved the bitter cold and settled into a local bar for some drinks and light after dinner conversation. And by light after dinner conversation I mean juicy war stories detailing our intimate exploits. Unfortunately some of us know how to tell a story while others do not…too many details were missing from one of our attendee’s report and it was like pulling teeth to get him to “give it up”…..ughhhh how tedious.

The evening ended early when at 10:30pm Scooter, Jesus and I were yawning and fantasizing about our cozy apartments….I guess that is what happens when you are of a certain age. We bailed out leaving Galleta in SoHo to meet up with his posse…ahhh youth.

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