Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yoga Ain’t Ready For This Jelly

On Friday nights when I’m not out kicking up a rumpus I’ve committed myself to FAST walking 2 miles on the track and an hour of Family Yoga at the Y.

Last Friday was only my second appearance at Family Yoga but I was fe
eling rather confident, I mean sure those 7 year olds may be limber but I got focus and my OHMing rocks– eat it kids.

Our class is headed by a very sweet compact Chinese woman who quietly guides us into postures with instructions such as “Pace yor hans on yor ties”. I know it is awful (well awful awesome) but I LOVE it every time she says ‘ties’.

This past Friday we began by perching our bottoms on a firm foam brick, crossing our legs and sitting tall and relaxed. This I got. I sat with my shoulders down, head up, chest out, clear mind, while Miss. Susie circulated around the class of fidgety children adjusting their posture. Once again kids – big deal so you can put your foot behind your head – I can SIT – I rule this class.

Miss. Susie finally arrived at my mat. As she stood at my back she gently laid a soft hand on my left shoulder, leaned in and quietly said, “You should be sitting on a brick”. I turned my head over my shoulder and with a cocked eyebrow I responded, “I am.

”YES my bottom is THAT luscious that I engulfed the ENTIRE BRICK!

Miss. Susie was mortified, I was not. She apologized profusely, stammering, “I don’t see… I didn’t know… you… umm… yes… now I see… I don’t want to embarrass.” I wriggled on my brick as I laughed, trying to convince my mini yogi that all was well. We continued our death match of I’m Sorry – That’s Ok verbal table tennis as the class sat in studied silence watching the insanity unfold until I finally nodded, pointed towards my junky trunk, and said “I have a lot of cushion back there”. Miss. Susie assuming I was exhibiting self-deprecating behavior jumped at this opportunity to bolster my tender ego, “Oh no that’s GOOD”. Shockingly I responded, “I know”

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