Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing Bad About That

Sometimes I score a week that is so totally unexpectedly kick ass that it just makes me beam, and last week was that kinda week.
Ok yes there was a crazy stupid ice/slush storm and yes I did knock my block off (see Off With Her Head) but really if that was the worst thing going on in my life in the middle of a harsh dark winter then I think I’m living on the plus side of the crap life bell curve.
Work was fantastic all week, my boss was out and so were 50% of my lady workmates. This occupational respite was a chance for me to blog (win win for both you and me) and tidy up the place.
The remainder of my week of kick-ass goodness rested heavily on the mantle of some of my most favorite people:
Masters – Haven’t seen her in a few months but she is always a breath of fresh air and good fun. We spent an afternoon at the Whitney doing the art thing and catching up on my random silliness. Besides Masters being just an all ‘round super gal I also LOVE the fact that she and I both hit the wall at the same exact time and understand that one should never ignore the body’s yearning for a grilled cheese with tomato.
Galetta – MIA since hand delivering my flat screen TV in June, Galetta popped up on my gmail at the beginning of last week and wooed me back into his steel trap of charm. DAMN that Galetta, he knows all my mushy buttons, well that AND he bought me a new blackberry Torch. Oh Galetta, he makes me feel like such a whore, but like he has always said, “I don’t need to BUY your love, I got a lease”.
After a few days of love notes Galetta took me out for a fantastic Argentinean meal with the hopes of a long night of drunken carousing, but… enter surprise guest #2
Surprise Guest #2 – I shouldn’t be blogging about him at all but he really did add some sass to my week of unplanned goodness. SG#2 or Long Term Booty Call (he hasn’t settled into a real nick name) rang my phone (after 4 months of radio silence) while I was being wined and bourboned by Galetta. Now I am NOT one to drop a friend for a piece of ass (that Coney Island thing doesn’t count Thom) but Galetta either feeling that he still owed me something OR feeling that he was wasting a perfectly good night out on the Lower East Side with a 40 year old lady, insisted that I head home ASAP to accept Fuck Chop’s most welcome offer. So I did.
Of course my week had other goodies besides these pop outs and heck I even laid some ground work for this week’s love fest. Either life is really F’in super or my synthroid meds are blowing my endorphins through the roof!

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