Monday, July 13, 2009

Like Bees To Honey

I’ve re-read my add on ten times over and I still don’t understand why my cleverly composed advertisement only succeeds in soliciting responses from men who are illiterate and delusional. In the past week I have yet to win a response from any of the thirty funky/ nerdy/ nebishy/ arty/ chunky/ alternative-ish dudes of whom I have contacted – however they have all checked out my posting. Hmmmmm…… Who the heck am I up against that these guys are all…nahhhh I don’t think so? Seriously I’m not checking off the Upper East Side doctors or the Connecticut hedge fund guys, I’m poking the “I’m in a band and work weird hours” guys.

Now for your reading pleasure I submit to you the ONLY emails I received over the past 4 days:

I just want someone who we can both make each other laugh (I’m not sure but I think this guy is looking for us to get together then find a third person, preferably a clown, to entertain us both.)

on my free time , i love talk on fone with fiends, specialy with my sisters, be with my daughter, love watch soccer game, love go to atlantic city, six flag, meet peoplesi ve good intention, im one of the honest person, you llever meet, i ve good faith in god ,i go to church . god bless you

i'm not jealous, just want to find someone who has the same values and who wants to be treat the way she deserves to be treated. Love spending time together cuddling and kissing. waiting on her is something i think is important to make her feel like she should always be treated for fun: spending quality time with woman who enjoys being treated like a queen

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