Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gone Fishing

Onto day two of “Match-fest 2009” and even though I have not garnered a response from the 12 gents I reached out to, I’m still keeping the faith. I have committed to searching at least 200 profiles per day and with only 12 ‘hits’ out of 400 profiles… I think this may take awhile. On the receiving end I have been the recipient of 7 ‘winks’, one email, and one tedious 6 minute IM session during which my male pursuer informed me that I was “cool” a total of 5 times then when I refused his request for my personal email address he responded with, “well then will you just go out with me”, I said no. As for the email I received – here it is:

hello, i'm not into describing myself since every time i sit in front of this box, i loose all the words, but i'm very open minded and easy going person that like to have fun and live his life happy and quiet.

I’m intrigued by this mysterious ‘word swiping box’ that the author alludes to in his email and I wonder - if this lexiconian Bermuda triangle is so offensive then why doesn’t the wordless Romeo just change his location when writing? Oh well I guess I will just have to live with the mystery because I already deleted this easy going guy who doesn’t like to conjugate verbs.

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