Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back in the Mix

Last night while not installing my two air conditioners I re-registered on Match.com. I feel like I have to do something to meet a guy and even though I have been on and off Match for over ten years (yikes) and have never met anybody I am still optimistic that I will find that arty confident needle in the haystack. I tried in earnest in February to really focus on my Match subscription, hitting it hard for hours every night, searching profiles, emailing, ‘winking” but after 2.5 weeks of chumming the waters in the hopes of snagging a dude who would pony up for some drinks to justify my $32 subscription fee not only did I not bag a single response I also was laid off. Being laid off with no savings and two grad school student loans tends to put a damper on one’s flirting ability so I was forced to quickly shift my obsessive focus from Match.com to Monster.com. Now that I am gainfully employed and have traded in my winter bluish skim milk pallor for a good “starter tan” I am primed for the hunt (I guess). I even bit the bullet and prepaid $75 for a three month membership. I usually only purchase a month’s subscription because at day 27 I lose momentum and throw in the towel but now I can’t shrug off my responsibilities to continually search the postings of the 30 – 45 year old male populous who inhabit the 30 mile radius around Metro NY.

On Match, like most web dating sites, you have to log in and search profiles frequently or else your profile gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, the more time spent searching the better your chances are at getting found, especially since it is about a 2:1 ratio of woman to men in my age group and geographic location. Please note this ratio includes all the married guys who are lying about their status, the 5’5” guys who state that they are 5’9”, the guys who post a full add but never pay for a subscription just so they can feed their ego, and the Nigerians. Then there is the self marketing side of the equation and since “it takes a village” I am posting my actual add here in hopes that you will weigh in with your edits and or comments:

I'm a smarty pants artistic chick who’s sensitive and sappy when I am not bitingly witty. I have a quick tongue, a great sense of humor, and I will keep you on your toes. I'm gregarious and goofy with an affinity for alliteration. What I lack in interest for essay questions I make up 10 fold in entertainment value. I can spit out a story in seconds that will send milk shooting from your nose or rival any barrel of monkeys.
My Date: You would posses the 3 C’s, charisma, charm, and confidence. Any dude with the phrases “Laid Back” or “Easy Going” may not be the guy for me. I tend to head for the guys who are actively engaged, energetically enthusiastic, dynamically intrigued, connected, inspired, and curious.

I will keep you updated on my progress and if we all think happy thoughts within 90 days I will have at least one date that will produce more than just a humorous blog posting.

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