Monday, March 7, 2011

Cakey Face

Tomorrow is one of my most favorite Christian holidays that this super Jew has adopted into her cannon of “I know this is really a Jesus thing, but gosh darn it I’m gonna secularize it cause it’s so darn yummy”. Yep palls, it is once again PANCAKE TUESDAY!

Just 2 short years ago I discovered this fantastic holiday while sitting woefully in my stark egg shell corner at Hydra. Listening to the drone of the worker bees dutifully spewing lies about the demise of the white collar workforce and the tanking financial markets all the while driving me coo coo bananas with their taboo work attire (again with the corduroys and flip flops?) and incontinence. Just the knowledge that this day existed, a day that celebrated the sweet cakey goodness of the most perfect food - is it cake, is it breakfast… who the F cares, pour more maple sugar on that Mo Fo, fry up a slab of salty pork and let’s get this pancake in my FACE! - brought a little shred of happiness into my otherwise tear drenched day. Of course good news/ bad news Pancake Day 2009 was also the day I was laid off from Hydra and so began a whole new life adventure.

I will always remember Pancake Day 2009 as one of those times in my life that I felt totally and completely out of control. I began my day the same as the previous 5 months yet by 4:10pm I was officially on the dole. I had no plan and no savings. My crap ass gig at Hydra was crap ass, but at least it was my crap ass gig.

So here’s to Pancake Day 2011, and to many more sweet and delicious surprises that my fates heftily lob into my life!

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Susan said...

I actually left my Google Reader page to click on your blog so your Sitemeter would show you traffic from Japan. My Mardi Gras gift to you. :)