Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Well is Dry

Thank you all for rooting for me BUT after a ‘two- fer” lame ass date-fest 2 weeks ago – I got nothing! I am still on Match and Eharmony but I have no bites. Not only is there nobody to ‘communicate’ with, there is nobody trying to communicate with me…ughhhhh. Each day it becomes more of a chore to troll the depths of the interweb in search of humanity. I think this should really be more fun, instead it feels like a job search. However to keep you all amused I thought I would collect a sample of opening lines from my “mutual match” profiles – enjoy.

Ok ladies If I ever have a kid, I dont want him or her to call me grandpa by mistake.

Every girl I've met on Match is A Nut job!! Are you??

In process of divorce. Back in NYC to make money and meet a honey.

at times known to be a great kisser.. I learned at a very young age that I had knack for kissing.. God just blessed me with a strong tongue.

I'm on here to meet somebody that I want to be with

I am looking for a consistent drinking and walking exploring life buddy

Just wanted to update my "fans" - Divorce trial date scheduled for beginning of August 09 it may happen or it may be postponed but cannot come soon enough for me.

Only 4 weeks left on Now I know why guys are flocking to Latin America to meet mail order brides

I beieve that Oswald acted alone!!

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