Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Start putting it together...

5 Weeks into internet dating 2013 and it’s dismal. 30 + emails, winks and likes sent = ONE response from a man who after 2 emails declined my offer of a drink because I am a self-proclaimed happy morning person and he is not. Ok good to know your limits dude. I’ve accepted 3 dates, all of which have not come to fruition. The first date I canceled was for a cup of coffee (really men, coffee?) after the best café the guy could choose was the Grand Central Terminal Starbucks and he texted me an unsolicited naked bathroom mirror shot – good to know MY limits. The second date I canceled was due to an unsolicited phone call two days prior to drinks date when the guy lectured me for 15 min. about all the things HE loves to do that I will love to do with him because he just TOLD me that I love to do those things – things like attending an all night movie marathon followed by eating chicken and waffles at 1am then staying in bed for a day to sleep it off - and no. The last date I accepted was ummmm…. ignored. HEY I know this trick, invite me out then when I accept disappear and forget that you invited me, wow that sounds like my last relationship – FUN!

The thing that is killing me is that I am at the best place in my life, I’m happy and healthy and so energized to do stuff and I cannot for the life of me find a man who wants to DO anything with me,  it’s driving me bonkers. I’m not shy or introverted, I dress well, my hair ROCKS, My curves are kicking (and these new adventure legs are HOT), I smell good and I have a TON of interesting stories/ hobbies/ interests and guys really like me … once I get out in front of them, and there is my problem, there are NO men in my world for me to WOW. So new plan….

A vision's just a vision
If it's only in your head.
If no one gets to see it,
It's as good as dead.
It has to come to light!

I’m joining groups, groups that DO stuff, mostly outdoorsy hiking camping groups cause I like to that AND guys like to do that so that will get me some face time with at least ONE man (I hope) and then that guy may know a guy and so on and so on and so on.

Bit by bit,
Putting it together...
Piece by Piece

The Tuesday after Labor Day I signed up for – never heard of it but it seems like it could work. I chose about a half dozen NYC meet up groups that do stuff from Stand Up Paddle boarding to portable bicycling (bicycles supplied) to hiking and just hanging out at beer gardens… yumm beer. Also on Tuesday I signed up for my FIRST  10K! With Swason on board to be my jogging mate (as long as her little sister doesn’t go into labor 1 day early) I’m sure it will be an early morning filled with celebration and tears of joy.

Every moment makes a contribution,
Every little detail plays a part.
Having just a vision's no solution,
Everything depends on execution:
Putting it together- That's what counts!

By Wednesday I was attending an open house for The AppalachianMountain Club (AMC) where I was so enthused by the prospect of DOING things I plunked down my Visa card and signed on the line. I am now a card carrying member of the AMC and will attend my first event the weekend after my 10K. Of course now that I’m an official member of a mountain club I need stuff, like boots and socks so  - ORDER IN! However as my first foray into the AMC world I thought I should go with something I know so I signed up for the Fire Island English Pub Weekend at the AMC beach house, duh beer, sand and ocean … no brainer. Fingers crossed I won’t be dorming with a bunch of gray haired hippies and even if I am maybe they have a single corporate money making “black sheep” son/ nephew/ x-husband whom they wanna pawn off on me.

Having just a vision's no solution,
Everything depends on execution.
The art of making LIFE
Is putting it together
Bit by bit...

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