Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All Good Things

The past ten days have been an amalgamation of fun surprises, reunions (both planned and otherwise), fantastic accomplishments, laughs and an abundance of good juicy stuff.

Since I last wrote I competed in my first organized group 5k. It was strange and emotional but I’m glad I did it, mostly just to know that I CAN do it. The most difficult part of the race was the start. I wasn’t expecting the chaos of runners jostling for position as well as packs of small children sprinting around in circles like wild rabid dogs. It was very distracting and not at all the relaxing mind numbing cruise of my solitary runs. However once I got into my groove I settled in and relied on a women 40 yards ahead with a swinging ponytail to lull me into a steady pace. 

The miles clicked off and soon I was turning the final corner of the course with the Finish Line glimmering just yards away. Wearily I entered into a pocket of empty space that traversed a tree lined canyon vibrating with the cheering fist pumping fast runners whom after completing the race focused their excess energy on encouraging the remaining pack.  As their wave of intense support pummeled my chest my throat tightened and my tears welled up, they were ALL cheering for me! As I stemmed my emotional  tidal-wave of gratitude a man about my age, tall and trim stepped off the curb, pointed to the finish line and shouted “That’s YOUR finish line, you OWN IT! You TAKE THAT FINISH LINE!” then he applauded so hard that I thought his palms would explode. My fire burned as my engine ignited and I felt my body fly weightlessly over the pavement as I TOOK my finish line with strength and power.

The same weekend I accomplished another feat of strength, but this was more emotional and mental… or so I thought it would be. As I mentioned in my last post I bought a two piece bathing ‘thing’ to wear when I paddle board but I was feeling so confident and strong on Saturday (after running 5 miles on Friday) that I popped it on, hopped aboard my Mom’s beach cruiser and took off for a 12 mile bike ride with a pit stop at Sag Main Beach. Before leaving the house with my pasty white wrinkly tummy all “out there” I needed just a little reinforcement so I snapped a bathroom mirror selfie and sent it off to Red informing her that  I was about to do something that I never dreamed I could do. I wasn’t fishing for compliments, what I needed was a bit of understanding and Red was right on target. She wished me luck, congratulated me on my bravery and sent me off on my adventure through the most expensive zip code in the USA, which of course is chock-a-block with ‘perfect’ looking women in their finniest and skimpiest haute couture après beach, golf, tennis, riding attire, etc... 

I thought I would have feelings of doubt or at least feel defeated when 'side eyed' by the fancy ladies, but I didn't, I didn’t feel any of that (nor did I receive any smirking). What I felt was freedom and power l as I peddled south of the highway with the sun and wind tickling my bare skin, skin that’s been denied these sensations since I graduated from rubber swimming bloomers . I oozed with happiness as my inner voice announced to the vines heavy with wine grapes, the corn fields as high as an elephant's eye and the 20 million dollar family compounds,  "I LOVE my strong body, this tremendous body that can run 5 miles (as of today 6.01 miles)  and do so many other fantastic things!!"

I cruised down to the beach in full Gee Sparkle mode where not only did I spread my towel and sun my middle but I also confidently strode down to the sea and owned that ocean as I broke through the waves and swam like an unchained mermaid.

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