Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Seattle Ed.; The Remainder

After traipsing around Washington State I spent another 3 full days back in Seattle. We went to the zoo, finally sat down for a real dinner of local seafood, and I took some time to wander ‘round downtown and soak up the local flavor. During my solo excursions (Scooter had to get back to work) I checked out Pioneer Square, got my culture on at the Seattle Art Museum, and found some time to do a little shopping.

All too soon the visit was over and Scooter and I were at Mecca Cafe enjoying our last meal together and answering the table top trivia questions. Two beers down and back at the scene shop Scooter called for my cab as I jolted back to the restaurant upon discovering I had left my blackberry on the table – yikes! Communicator back in my possession with just a few minutes to spare I took one look at Scooter and broke down into the ugly cry. You know the ugly cry, it’s that big gasping guffawing crying that makes you heave for air and drains every ounce of energy immediately in response to the explosion of emotion – yeah that one. Scooter tried humor to soothe my fragile state but I still slobbered tears and snot all over his T shirt. Out at the cab we bear hugged, I slobbered more onto Scooter’s neck then goodbyes were exchanged with promises of future visits to NYC and Seattle respectively.

That’s it, first Seattle visit down and an innumerable number to follow for the rest of eternity.

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