Sunday, June 21, 2009

Return of the Blog. Bloggier than EVER!

Big picture, all has been rather fabulous and not at all blog worthy. However readers thank goodness that I recently returned from my jaunt out West where I had amazing adventures with my best bud, Scooter- and so we begin….

Just mere days prior to my departure for the great North West I was surprised to discover two very unfortunate occurrences – one, that HYDRA canceled my COBRA Health Benefits and two, a very bad stranger stole my ATM number and was slowly siphoning cash out of my checking account.

The ATM situation was quickly resolved by a lovely Chase banker in midtown. side note - I think they are all too well versed in identity theft, either that or they are just so happy to be the only solvent bank in NYC that they will bend over backwards for anybody who crosses through the threshold of the ATM veranda and actually enters the branch. COBRA fiasco however was anything BUT quickly resolved; it was a hot bed of crazy. I learned of my non-insured status when I casually checked the Aetna website just 4 days before trudging off into the great outdoors (aka accident haven). When I discovered that I had been dropped I FREAKED out. Good thing Scooter is just 10 digits away for he speedily talked me off the ledge and pointed me in the direction of temporary coverage. However it turns out HYDRA had been depositing my payment checks and not applying them to my benefits SOOOOOO they claimed that I was late in my payments and therefore because of MY tardiness they were forced to cancel my coverage. Ughhhh, long story short they reinstated my coverage after leaving a voice mail stating that once coverage is terminated it is impossible to ever be reinstated….whatever freak show!

Now with cash and health insurance secured, I packed my two small (but hefty bags) and jetted off to the Emerald City. Jet Blue did not let me down this time, (I think they knew they were on notice) my flight was very enjoyable with my extra legroom, purchased for a paltry $15, and my noise canceling earphones, gracias Galleta.

Once in Seattle the shackles of my big city worries melted away and immediately I was entranced by the beauty of the city and the friendliness of its inhabitants. I mean genuine friendly, not that Southern fake friendly, “Oh bless your hart” crap. As I placed my bags in the back of the taxi I was approached by a local who just happened to be traveling in my same direction and offered to share the cab…. he was cute so I said yes. I’ve never seen a Dateline NBC where the serial rapist was cute, well except that Robert Chambers but that was like 20 years ago….anyways… The ride was long but my backseat partner was more than happy to share some Seattle facts and to point out interesting landmarks as we skirted downtown. As the fare approached $50 and my sidekick rummaged through his wallet I was poised to hear, “Oh I’m sorry I only have ….. (fill in the blank with any amount under $25)” but he had the cash and even helped pull my bags out of the trunk. Wow!

Scooter came down and tugged my bags into their very charming elevator, smartly appointed with old timey retractable grate and upholstered built in bench, then up we traveled to the 4th floor to their AMAZING apartment! The view is to die for, I had seen Scooter’s pictures but to be there standing in the bay window looking down onto the glittering city, it was breathtaking. The only thing that Scooter could offer to pry me away from the view was a promise of hot greasy Dick’s just a few blocks away awaiting to be gobbled up…..yummmmm. Even though it was almost 3am NYC time I was hankering for Dick’s. Scooter has been teasing me with tales of hot greasy Dick’s since arriving in Seattle and now was my chance to feast upon their goodness. So down the hill we traveled and filled our bellies with juicy hot Dick’s and shakes….Seattle rocks.

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