Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spinning wheel…going round and round

Just when things are cruising smoothly  - WHAMO  - sucker punch. First, Sweets, the poor guy got laid off, gulp. Being stressed out and broke is NOT the ideal state for one to inhabit when attempting to cultivate a burgeoning relationship, however on the plus side I am assuming this will curtail his additional dating agenda since it’s kinda hard to court concurrent women in this pricey city while not gainfully employed. Also a plus, I get to be Gee, happiness giver and general head distractor (in a good way).

Immediately following his lay off announcement we shacked up for an astounding 5 days filled with eating, drinking, late night boogie downing, road  tripping, mountain (hill) climbing, museum going, movie watching, and hours of ridiculous conversations revolving around breading mini pocket sized pets, standardizing alternative methods of measurement, repurposing sheared body hair, etc, etc, etc…. At the end of our 5 day marathon of “Let’s not think about reality” we were both exhausted and blown away by the amount of joy we shared while on our ‘stay-cation”. Yeah that’s fucking amazing.

My uber crush’s layoff news was disappointing, but not devastating (for me) but little did I know that lurking around the corner was my own little package of WHOLLY CRAPPERS!  

On the morning of  Sweet’s layoff  I submitted my neck  for a routine ultrasound of my thyroid which surprisingly uncovered some abnormal growths on my lymph nodes.. what the.. really? Seriously my body just loves adding pieces, remember my cranky cervix? But back to the lymphs – my ENT specialist is not very concerned however he wants a sample taken and for extra fun times the nubbin is all snug and cozy up along my carotid artery – bonus! But wait there is more, to prep for my upcoming procedure Doc placed me on a super antibiotic which immediately killed off all my good germs (ladies… ya know what I’m saying here) so on top of everything I also got THAT going on.

Last night was date night with Sweets (plans made prior to my medical discovery) and he couldn’t have warmed my heart more. With all his real life stuff going on he was still generous with spirit, comforting with words and supportive in action. We snuggled on my living room shag carpet as we dined on overstuffed toasted sandwiches and pomme frites . After filling his tummy with cheese, potatoes, and ALL my fancy beer (damn you antibiotics) I shyly popped the question…..”Could you meet me after my procedure and bring me home? If that is too much, too soon…or weird.. it’s ok.” He didn’t let the words drift off my lips before exclaiming “OF COURSE I will!  And I’ll walk you over and sit in the office during the procedure as well.” (side note,  his sudden lack of employment is rather handy in this situation)

I know it’s crazy to be surprised at Sweet’s eagerness to be a mensch, but after a stupid STUPID year of crap ass interactions my scale of what is normal friend behavior is fully out of whack… but  happily, it's being recalibrated.

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