Thursday, August 26, 2010

UPDATE: Monkeys and Hairdryers

You know how when somebody mentions monkeys riding atop dogs then like you see them everywhere? You pause to ponder, have there always been monkeys on dogs and I never noticed or is this some odd turning of the universe positioning me in the path of dog jockey monkeys? I ask these questions for the simple fact that just hours after sharing my hairdryer monkey/ bedbug beagle story with my coworkesr our Executive VP in charge of Private Collections summoned me to her desk. The EVP/PC cracked open a large book and proceeded to show me a print of one of “The Lady’s” collection of ancient Indian art.
She pointed in the direction of two furry characters in the lower section of the imagery falderal to which I responded, “Oh… that’s a monkey on a goat, not a dog, good try”. She glanced at me with distain, I obviously do not have the trained eye of an Executive VP in charge of Private Collections, and she said sternly, “No, NEXT to the goat, that’s a monkey on a DOG!” Wholly CRAP, even the ancient Indians knew how to harness the power of dogs and monkeys!

Dialog of the print:
Spotted dog:
WTF, that’s my baboon!! Who said that goat could have my monkey?

Goat: inner monologue…. Oh crap….Don’t look back, DON’T LOOK BACK!

Man: Chill-ax dog, how many times do I have to tell you, you snooze you loose?

(side note, I have been informed by the EVP/PC that it is not really a baboon but a bear cub riding the goat, damn this chick got mad art skilz)

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