Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Stuff

I’ve become a bit obsessed with my latest hobby, cupcake baking. This is not a bad thing considering I am hardly a cook and much less a baker. Baking two batches of cupcakes a week has inspired me to THINK about cooking other things and with the extra bonus of my freshly re-painted kitchen and shiny new fridge I find myself really enjoying spending time in a room that previously only hosted me during my 4 ½ minute morning coffee and bagel prep. However along with all this buttery sweet goodness I have unfortunately discovered one small impediment to my complete and utter domestic bliss, lady aprons have not been designed to properly cover my bodacious assets. Yep my lovely black and white toile apron fits (surprisingly) around my goddess like hips however the hankie sized top ether falls prey to my cleavage or migrates to the left thus exposing my right side to extreme hand mixer splatter.

I am now left with two options, One – buy a manly apron (that is SO not cute), Two – have
Mom fire up the ol’ Singer and construct a custom apron. I choose option #2! Mom is on board with this plan and assures that not only will the top span my ‘region’
but with the addition of two strategically placed pink plump cupcake appliqués the apron is sure to be a stunner!

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Fred said...

I cannot wait to see a picture of the cute apron on your "kick ass-ness"