Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stowed Away

Being a stowaway on a business trip is like being a plus one but better. As a stowaway I have very few responsibilities thrust upon me, I’m simply required to stay out of the way of the ‘worker’, entertain myself during ‘working hours’ and avail myself to the ‘worker’ when and if they need companionship (dinner banter, a drink at the hotel bar, a friendly “how was your day”, pillow talk, etc…). In return for these pleasantries I am supplied with posh accommodations in a distant city and occasionally I have scored the extra perk of piggy backing onto an expense account. Over the years I’ve been the secret stowaway on trips to Telluride CO, Philadelphia, Washington DC (several times) and just recently Florida – it is truly a wonderful way to take a economical break from the daily drudgery of worker bee life – I highly suggest it.

It’s funny how the mind works, I travel alone often, I even went to London sans company. However even though I am very much a modern independent woman I always feel “alone” eating in restaurants at a table for one or taking a turn through a museum without a companion. Yet when I am a stowaway I DO all the same things without an escort but I never feel alone. I don’t have the urge to take a book to dinner, instead I sit confidently enjoying my meal, sipping a glass of wine all the while thinking that I’m NOT a single traveler I just happen to be traveling with somebody who is very important and busy. I strut through the tourist spots embracing my freedom to do whatever I want when I want knowing that in a few hours there will be somebody asking me about my adventurous day. During my most recent trip I became so confident in my independence that I even spent an entire day at Disney World – alone. This was quite a feat and I do admit I was apprehensive regarding the ‘creepy’ factor of a 39 year old wandering through the Magic Kingdom without a buddy or a child. However with the power of the internet in the palm of my hand to connect me to my friend base I texted, emailed, BBM’d and facebooked my way through a kick butt Disney day.

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